Pub News 2016

Save our Pubs: Campaign to support Cheltenham inns
THE Gloucestershire Echo today launches the Save Our Pubs Campaign to support the town’s pub trade.

Two pubs could close as landlords admit struggles
The future of two pubs has been cast into uncertainty after landlords admitted they could no longer afford to carry on running them.

The popularity and community feel of these pubs never dwindled and by the 18th century drinking establishments were rife. The introduction of gin meant that thousands of gin-shops opened up throughout London and the UK as a whole. Coaching inns were used widely at this time, until the introduction of the railways as the most efficient form of transport in the 19th century. Nevertheless, the pub simply diversified into large, grand buildings in the centre of our towns and cities. This period also saw the introduction of licensing laws, regulating the sale of alcohol and the dominance of the brewery which shape the tiered house system we see today. With an expansive history it is likely that pubs will serve the community for hundreds of years to come. If you are interested in Community Pubs, feel free to contact us.

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