Promote Your Pub

Promoting your business has never been easier as printing companies all now offer services such as; brochures and leaflets which are very useful in promoting your business.

Many companies that provide printing in Brighton are now using leaflets as they are one of the most popular print medium, they’re perfect for direct mail campaigns, inserts for newspapers or magazines, mini catalogues or takeaway menus.

They strike a perfect balance between being quick and easy to read, and being able to carry a substantial amount of information about your Pub.
There are different types of leaflet folds on offer: half-fold, tri-fold, gate-fold, double gate-fold, Z-fold and accordion fold, allowing you to create the exact look that you want so people get a sense of what your trying to portray.

How to get the most out of your leaflets?

  • Modern leaflets are brilliant at informing folk about special promotions or up-and-coming events and they are relatively inexpensive to have printed.
  • If you haven`t considered using Leaflets before you might want to consider these types of promotional aids now as they can prove to be very useful as they are very easy to follow so anyone will be able to be understand what you’re saying.
  • You can really let your creative streak go to work on leaflets as the more colourful and visually alluring the better.
  • Work with a striking design and you`ll grab people`s attention because they`ll want to know what the leaflets are advertising.

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