Promoting Your Brand

Pubs are everywhere you go, with a load of people who all like different things. There are never the two same types of people present, making it the perfect opportunity for you to promote your brand in one of our local pubs. Driving consumers to your company Promoting your brand in a pub can be […]

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Design & Decor

Improving your pub decor does not just mean happy drinkers put can also increase sales and hence profits. Creating the right ambience for your public house mean drinkers stay longer and hence consume more. Improving your pub can mean a better bottom line Paint, blinds and the right shutters play a role in improving your […]

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Old Fashioned Local Pub

Here at the Community Pubs website we are keen to promote the virtue of the good old fashioned local community pub. Most of us enjoy a regular trip to the local pub to catch up with friends, enjoy fine beverages and de-stress after a long week on a comfy leather sofa or bar stool. Unfortunately […]

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Local Pubs

The Community Pubs team will show you all of the best local pubs in your immediate area in detail.  We ask members of the public to respect our anonymity. This Government Stamped glass is the most popular one pint beer glass used in Pubs and Clubs throughout the UK. Total quantity of 48 Glasses.

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Pub News 2016

Save our Pubs: Campaign to support Cheltenham inns THE Gloucestershire Echo today launches the Save Our Pubs Campaign to support the town’s pub trade. Two pubs could close as landlords admit struggles The future of two pubs has been cast into uncertainty after landlords admitted they could no longer afford to carry on running them. […]

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